Carlyle Orthodontics—Serving Waterford Lakes

braces and invisalign offered to waterford lakes fl residentsChildren beginning at the age of 7 can come in to see an orthodontist in Waterford Lakes, FL to get a great looking smile. Dr. Carlyle will be able to determine whether there is going to be braces or other services required in your child’s future so you know how to proceed. Braces are often considered to be a rite of passage for teens and young adults. The problem is that they can cause a significant decrease in one’s self-esteem due to the metal that is placed inside the mouth. This can be dealt with through such orthodontic procedures as Invisalign and clear ceramic braces.

To Have Healthy Teeth You Need to Visit a Good Orthodontist

Healthy teeth and a wonderful smile are important for everyone – including those who didn’t get braces as a child when they should have. Children and adults alike can visit an orthodontist serving Waterford Lakes in order to get the care that they need. You don’t have to go through life with a crooked smile – you simply need to make an appointment. Orthodontic treatments vary based on the age of the patient. There are treatments to determine how to get the smile as well as to advise on whether it may be needed down the road. There are also many options that can be discussed if braces are needed or if orthognathic surgery is required to help improve the bite as well as the alignment of the jaws and teeth. This can also improve the overall shape of the face for an enhanced look. It all starts with making an appointment. You can call an orthodontist in the greater Waterford Lakes area by calling Carlyle Orthodontics, where you can then go in to see the doctor and find out more about what is going on. Call 407-447-9060